Medical imaging has been a great tool for disease diagnostics, but all along it has been limited to human vision or very primitive computer vision. The advancements in the computer vision and artificial intelligence has given rise to lot of potential waiting to be explored in the enormous data of the medical feild. MIA is one such potential where AI systems are used to interpret medial images to aid in diagnostics.


PCH-Web App

Stressed, exhausted and sitting in a hospital waiting room, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend half an hour filling out paperwork. Yet that is the first task patients and caregivers are saddled with during a hospital visit. This project is a web application which digitalizes the paperwork and enabels the patients to fill it using their mobile phone in the comforts of home.



A compendium of Machine Learning and Artificial Inteligence projects developed for deriving solutions and algorithms for some very interesting challenges


Self Driving Car Test Bed

In the past decade the word ’self driving car’ has become a part of our everyday vocabulary. Self driving cars have now hit the roads to the point where our cab rides are given by autonomous drivers. This project is about emulating a self driving car in a miniature robot and constructing a test bed where a fleet of these robots can interect with each other as how cars would in an urban environment.


MYRA - Educational Robot

The toys have evolved over the century with the advancements in the technology. The dolls became RC cars, the cars becames drones. Now it's time to prepare for the future, as the leaders of tomorrow are sculpted today. The project MYRA is an educational platform that a child builds all through his life. MYRA is a self build robot with endless posibilities which servers to educate the future minds.


Cofee Shop digital handoff counter

Hey...! I'd like a mocha, with half & half milk, six shots of expresso and two spoons of sugar. There is a lot for the barista to think about while making us our drink. This project aims at easing the work of barista by automating the tagging of the drink and digitally displaying the name of customer and the drink on the handoff counter.

Path Planning

Path Planning

A series of mini-projects whose competencies are at the core of autonomy, planning, localization, and the dynamic aspects of machines. Projects include Depth first search, mapping using hexagonal grid system, feild painting using active perception


Man always tries to fly further. I came into engineering inspired by the fleets of the space journey. I have made a small contribution to this desire of mine by designing a cyano bacteria monitoring systems that monitors the growth of cyanobacteria on moon to exami the effects that the harsh lunar surface has on the vital process of photosynthesis. The system was launched by team Indus for the google lunar x competetion.


Smart Mirror

On an average we spend about 20 minuites a day in front of the mirror. For making this time spent informative I developed a smart mirror that looks into the calender of the person and updates it on a mirror. The mirror would display the information only if the person is in front of the mirror. It involves face detection and classification of the face to personalize the information


DragonFlyte - First Responding swarm of drones

Imagine yourself as part of a disaster relief team searching a city struck by a devastating earthquake. Buildings and bridges are damaged, roads and walkways blocked by rubble, electrical lines intermingled with debris, and a number of people hurt and missing. To tackle all this we built fleet of autonomous drones that can be carried by search and rescue teams that can be deployed in seconds to canvas a selected area, seeking out disaster victims



Cansat is an international space research competetion organised by the American Astronautical Society (AAS). I Lead a inter disclipnary team to design and build a space-type system that was launched at Burket, Texas. The system telemetried back the weather conditions and had a egg as its payload. When the system was return an autogyro mechanism was designed to control the descent velocity of the sattelite.


Robocon - Badminton playing Robot

Badminton has been played over time by humans, this project is an attempt to make a robot that can play badminton on a full size badminton court. This project was towards the ABU Robocon competion that happens annually throught Asia. Two robots were desined in which one was for serving the shuttle cock and the other was returning the oponents service. The robots used Mechanum wheels and had dead reconing positiong system.


VAYU - VTOL hybrid airplane

In this project I developed a tilt rotor hybrid airplane that can Take Off and Land Vertically. The project was designed on Solidworks. The plane was manufactured using carbon fiber rods and nylon polymers to reduce weight. An custom PCB was made to integrate the sensors with the microcontroller. The flight control program was written on arduino IDE a PID controller was used to stabilize the flight.


  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Autonomy
  • Robotics
  • Self Driving
  • Control Systems
  • Localization & Planning
  • Dynamic System Modeling
  • Human/Machine Interaction
  • Embedded Systems
  • Algorithm Development
  • New Technologies
  • Open Source


I Graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Controls Systems. I Intend to focus on Computer Vision, Robotics, Self Driving Cars, AI embedded systems, and algorithm development - essentially everything a robot needs to navigate its environment. Doing my bachelors in Mechatronics and a Masters in Electrical Engineering and working as a Software Engineer for various robotics projects has made me understand robotics and real time system very well. I intend to use these skills to advance in this rapidly exciting feild. I beleive my versatility, creativity and enthusiasm for the feild will be an assest to any team i join in the future


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